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This year Navratri begins from 10oct,2018 and ends on 18oct,2018. Each day is devoted to different forms of Goddess Durga and consider a different color for each day. Navratri festival is celebrated keeping fast for one day or all nine days. Vrat ka khana or falahari khana is served during fasting.

There is a limitation of food items, only a few grains, flours, vegetables and spices are allowed to eat. Check my previous post “Navratri Fasting Recipe Collection” to know more about what are the foods allowed during fasting days.Navratri festival is celebrated keeping fast for one day or all nine days. Vrat ka khana or falahari khana is served during fasting.

Some people follow a very strict diet in terms of eating only one time. My father followed these very strictly. But if you are working or having kids to take care of, then small meals are great to consume in every 3-4 hours.  I am here with the five-course menu which is very easy to prepare, filling and make you energetic for the whole time.

Please consult with your elders while preparing a meal. I have already mentioned allowed food and some are customized based on family preferences.

Navratri Meal Plan | Vrat Ka Khana

Breakfast Snack Lunch Snack Dinner
D1 Kuttu Ki Tikki

Vrat Ki Chutney

shikanji vrat ki sabudana khichdi 1 Apple Vrat Ki Chat/Shakarkand ki chat
D2 strawberry milkshake tea with vrat ki namkeen farali kothimbir vadi masala chaas kuttu ka cheela
D3 vrat ki chat makhana kheer vrat ka dosa orange farali french fries with vrat ki chutney
D4 samo kheer peanut laddu vrat ki papdi chat cut fruits bowl farali paratha with curd
D5 sabudana vada watermelon juice sama rice paratha

peach chutney

coconut ladoo Kuttu ki poori with vrat wale aloo
D6 sweet lassi date burfi plain rajgira paratha with vrat ki dahi aloo sabji one bowl grapes Kuttu ka dahi vada

Happy Navratri friends. I will be adding more recipes to the list. Also sharing one recipe from the menu every day for 7 days.  Feel free to pick or shuffle as per your convenience. Do check out Navratri recipe collection.

If you try this recipe then we would love to see your creation. Do share a photo with us on or tag me at Instagram @code2cook using hashtag #code2cook.

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