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Being Indian we have loads of variety of sweets statewise and locally made. And if you have sweet tooth than it is difficult if you dont find option while living abroad. I remember my stay in US when I craved a lot for sweets and sometimes did not find ingredients in Indian stores. In US we get recotta cheese in stores which I did not have idea how to use it. But after reading Medhaa di blog I realized I can prepare my favourite sweet with that. And it was a EUREKA moment :)))))))))))).Kalakand is our favourite Bengali sweet on festive occasions and any kind of celebration. I used to have it once a week for sure. Generally it is made of Chena (fresh home made paneer) and Khoya (home made condensed milk). I never tried making Chena at home so I used Ricotta cheese which is very much similar to Chenna and it came out very well. I referred Medhaa di’s blog for using Ricotta cheese for sweets :). As Diwali is coming closer, it might be a quick sweet to offer :).


Ingredients: Sufficient for making 10-12 cubes

1 Tin ricotta cheese (14ounces)
1/2 Tin condensed milk
4-5 Cardamom crushed into powder

For Garnishing
1-2 Tblsp almond chopped finely
1-2 Tblsp pistachios chopped finely
Silver or gold foil to decorate
(1/2 tin condensed milk was enough to give sweet taste. But if you like very sweet taste than add full 1 tin. Depends on taste)


Method: Heat the ricotta cheese in a heavy pan till it gets dry and all the water evaporate. It takes around 35-40 min. Add half a tin condensed milk and again stir it on medium heat till it gets dried up. To this add powdered cardamom and stir till it becomes very thick. Grease a plate and pour this. Garnish it with silver foil and chopped pistachios & almonds. Cut it into small cubes and have it :)).

Yep I loved it.. Its a beautiful memory I have during my stay in US. Now back in India and I do make it with milk powder and paneer willl post that soon.


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