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Indian Flatbreads are a variety of flatbreads or called “Paratha” in Hindi. This is an integral part of Indian cuisine irrespective of anything. Though it has many variations in terms of preparation, cooking method, filling inside, as per state and culture.Indian Flatbreads are a variety of flatbreads or called "Paratha" in Hindi. This is an integral part of Indian cuisine irrespective of anything.

This September month we had a mega marathon event and the person behind this fabulous event is Srivalli from Spice Your Life. For this month I chose “A to Z Indian Flatbreads” theme among other categories. Though it was a bit crazy when I was stuck in the letter “I” and “X” but I enjoyed this event.

In this Indian Flatbreads series, I prepared stuff paratha with various fillings (bherwa paratha), easy to make parathas where everything mixed in the flour itself and some more. So let see what all the Indian paratha recipes or Indian Flatbreads I cooked for this entire month.

Indian Flatbreads | A to Z Indian Flatbread Recipe

A- Ajwain ParathaAjwain paratha is a simple Indian flatbread served with curry, dal or simply pair up with curd or pickle. Even you can have them with tea which makes a perfect combo altogether. Apart from ajwain paratha, you can make ajwain poori and ajwain roti with the same dough. They are great for breakfast or dinner and lunch.

B- Besan ParathaBesan paratha or masala besan paratha is a wonderful Rajasthani paratha recipe which is prepared by stuffing spicy besan or gram flour filling in the whole wheat dough. This paratha is crispy, aromatic and filled with the pickled flavor besan stuffing makes a wholesome meal.

C- Cheela (Kuttu Ka Cheela)Kuttu ka cheela is a traditional Indian fasting recipe which is not only quick and easy to make but also a vegan and gluten-free cheela recipe. Kuttu, also known as buckwheat flour, is commonly used by the majority of people in India during fasting days, especially in Navratri.

D- Dosa (Vrat Ka Dosa)Samak rice dosa or farali dosa is an easy and low calories food during fasting. Barnyard millet or Samak rice is allowed to consume during Navratri fasting days. Samak rice dosa is made with Samak rice and sabudana also known as vrat ka dosa. This a gluten-free, crispy, thin and healthy dosa which requires no fermentation.

E- Elaichi Roti (cheeni roti)Elaichi roti or cardamom flatbread is a very simple Indian flatbread which can be prepared in a jiffy whenever you crave for something sweet. In whole wheat flour added sugar granules, flavored with saffron strands and cardamom, kneaded using milk. This bread is sweet, crispy, and thick in texture. Elaichi roti tastes great if taken with milk.

F- Farali Paratha Kuttu Ka Bherwa ParathaFarali paratha or kuttu ka paratha is a traditional Indian flatbread eaten during Navratri fasting days. Kuttu, also known as buckwheat flour, is commonly used by the majority of people in India during fasting days, especially in Navratri. Bherwa kuttu ka paratha is prepared with spicy potato carrot filling in kuttu flour.

G- Gajar Ka Paratha (carrot paratha)Gajar ka paratha or carrot paratha is a simple Indian flatbread which is healthy and delicious. Grated carrot mixed in whole wheat flour, flavored with cumin seed powder, chopped green chili, chopped green coriander, make a soft dough and roll out hot parathas. Makes a perfect breakfast or kids lunch box recipe.

H- Hara Pyaz Ka Paratha (spring onion paratha)Hara pyaz ka paratha or spring onion paratha is another Indian flatbread recipe where vegetables and spices kneaded along with the whole wheat flour. Such parathas are easy to make, very quick process when compare to stuff parathas, and the best part is kids love these. Another breakfast option which is suitable for a kid's lunchbox too.

I- Indori Sev Paratha(Bhujiya Paratha)Indori Sev Paratha is very quick, easy and super tasty paratha I came to know. Simple nylon sev are seasoned with onion, chili, green coriander, and few spices. Stuffed in whole wheat flour dough balls and cook on a griddle, this sev paratha is a great way to use the leftover sev or bhujiya namkeen.

J- Jain KhakhraKhakhra is a traditional Gujarati snack which is tasty and prepared in many flavors like masala khakhra, methi khakhra and some are plain khakhras, Jain khakhra. Today I am sharing a Jain khakhra recipe which is very simple to make at home. These are a great snack option serve with curd or pickle and perfect for traveling.

K- Kerala Parotta or Malabar ParottaKerala Parotta or Malabar parotta is a unique parotta dish from Malayali cuisine. It is a layered paratha or flaky paratha made with refined flour. Kerala parotta is a common street food in southern India. It is served with vegetable kurma or coconut stew.

L- Lifafa Paratha(palak paneer lifafa paratha)Lifafa paratha or Palak Paneer Lifafa Paratha is a paratha which is of envelope shape and stuffed with palak-paneer filling. Lifafa means envelop or pocket. Filling seasoned with spices, stuffed in the roti(flatbread), sealed like an envelope before cooking on stove top. Basically, a roti folded into a lifafa or pocket shape with filling inside.

M- Multigrain ParathaMultigrain paratha as the name says includes the different grains flour in equal quantity and then make roti or paratha.Multigrain paratha is low calories nutritious Indian flatbread with loads of nutrients depending on which flour combination you have.

N- Nachini Pizza ParathaPizza paratha is a stuffed flatbread which tastes like pizza and popular among kids. It is a fusion between paratha (Indian flatbread) and Italian Pizza. Basically, it is an Indian paratha (flatbread), which is stuffed with pizza sauce and vegetables filling with cheese. Cooked on the stove top like a  paratha.

O- Onion Capsicum ParathaOnion capsicum paratha is super easy and quick paratha recipe cooked for breakfast. They make a great brunch or dinner accompanied with curd or raita to make a complete meal in itself. Kids love the flavor of pan-fried onion bits and enjoy with curd.

P- Paneer ParathaPaneer Paratha is very famous paratha and often served with curd or pickle mostly in every restaurant in India. This is an Indian flatbread which is stuffed with grated paneer or cottage cheese stuffing and seasoned with few spices. A great tiffin box recipe and can be eaten in any meal.

Q- Quinoa Roti or Quinoa FlatbreadQuinoa roti or quinoa chapati is super easy and nutritious recipe. It is a great substitute for whole wheat chapati as it is gluten-free and helps in weight loss management protein-rich quinoa is very filling and provides vital nutrients to the body.

R- Rajgira ParathaAmarnath flour paratha or Rajgira paratha is commonly used during Navratri fasting days in most Indian Kitchen. This is a gluten-free and vegan flatbread. Adding boiled mashed potato while making a dough with the flour, helps to make paratha or flatbread. This is very quick and easiest paratha recipe to make on fasting days or upvas. Such paratha recipe is also known as farali paratha or falahari paratha (phalahari paratha).

S- Soya Kheema ParathaSoya chunks paratha is also known as Soya kheema paratha. Originally kheema paratha is an unleavened flatbread stuffed with spicy minced meat. Instead of meat, I used spicy soya chunks filling in paratha. Soya kheema paratha or veg kheema paratha is very tasty, high in nutritional values and a popular Indian breakfast.

T- Tofu ParathaTofu Paratha is another delicious paratha wherein scrambled tofu seasoned with coriander and few spices, stuffed in the whole wheat dough. Tofu paratha is high nutritional values. This paratha can be served in breakfast or snack, kids love these with curd.

U- Urad Dal Poori or Bedmi PooriUrad dal poori or bedmi poori is a popular Indian street food and now an integral part of most Indian kitchens must say. Bedmi poori is served hot with spicy, tangy potato gravy with a pickle in North India.It is a deep fried whole wheat flour flatbread mixed with a spicy mixture of urad dal (lentil).

V- Vrat Ka Paratha(Sama Rice Paratha)Vrat ka paratha or sama rice paratha is easy and low calories fasting or upvas recipe. This is prepared on fasting days including Navratri, Ekadshi, Janamashtmi. Sama rice paratha is very nutritious, healthy, filling and gluten-free.

W- Whole Wheat Vedmi (Gujarati Style Puran Poli)Vedmi or Puran Poli is a sweet Indian flatbread which is often prepared on festivals like Holi, Gudi Padva to name a few. Puran Poli is known as vedmi in Gujarat and stuffed with tuar dal

X- Xmas ParathaXmas paratha, basically a whole wheat yeast flatbread which is kneaded with dry fruits powder. Further added cheese, bell pepper, green coriander then cut into Christmas tree shape

Y- Yeast Naan (whole wheat yeast naan)Yeast naan is an unleavened Indian flatbread which is very popular in restaurants. Naan's can be made with yeast or without yeast.

Z- Zucchini ParathaZucchini Paratha is a flatbread with an Indian twist and a perfect breakfast or brunch recipe. Added some pickle and taste was great. 

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Pin for laterIndian Flatbreads are a variety of flatbreads or called "Paratha" in Hindi. This is an integral part of Indian cuisine irrespective of anything.

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50 thoughts on “Indian Flatbreads | Round Up Of A To Z Indian Flatbread”

  1. Bhawna, I must say your whole collection of Indian flatbreads is just awesome. It was such a fun to do this mega marathon, waiting for everyone who is going to post what.

  2. Bhawana, congratulations on completing your first Mega BM, isn’t an exciting event and also we get to learn so much from each other, new recipes new ideas. I simply love the Xmas paratha, so innovative. I’ve not as yet tried making roti or paratha using sama, which I’ve bookmarked and the nachini pizza paratha has been just too tempting. Loved all your clicks.

  3. Excellent round up with a super collection of Indian Flatbreads ! I must say some of the recipes are very very innovative , though all have been well thought of and clicked beautifully ! Kudos !

  4. Wow what a great effort to put so many wonderful recipes of Indian flatbreads. A great resource for anyone. Will definitely bookmark and try the recipes.

  5. Wow what a beautiful collection of parathas bhawana. I am big fan of parathas, i’ll check out each collection that’s really awesome. Bookmarked!!

  6. Amazing collection of Indian flatbreads…This can be a one stop destination to choose our favourite flatbreads…Awesome share 🙂

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