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A Very Happy Birthday My SonI wish you enough

we love you so much which can not be described in words. This you will feel and realize once you will become a parent one day. Your nanaji used to tell this to your mom which is so true. You are the person who made us mom n dad, and you are an apple of our eyes. You are the reason for our happiness. Though you complain that we don’t love you but you need to understand that having around your baby sister Mumma not able to give the whole time which was only yours earlier.

Still remember the time you came into our lives and changed everything, of course for good. You were so tiny that mom dad was scared to touch you, so soft and fragile. Today seeing you growing is a privilege and we are thankful to GOD.

It is a joy seeing you growing to be a person who is sensitive, funny, loving, caring, kind and brave. We are so proud of you that you have chosen us to be your parents. Though you don’t see mumma saying this often, though this is another truth which is not hidden from you.

You inherited many of these virtues from your father, keep this treasure with you forever. He is a gem of a person who is so truthful and a beautiful soul from inside. A person who stands for every right and logical thing. Though this world seems to be cruel for such traits but doesn’t lose hope. You will not earn many people in your life but you will get the best from this world. He is already that person which rest of the world trying to become by doing many religious practices. Your mom still trying to become one. Be grateful for having him in your life.

On this occasion of your birthday, I would like to remind you a few things which you know but in the hustle bustle of life are ignored often.

I Wish You Enough

1- Always protect and love your sister. We know you love your little sister a lot from the time when she was not even on this planet. But in everyday fighting, you forget and do mean things like scolding and fighting with her. She will be your best buddy forever which you be grateful later in your life. She will take care of you like a mom, will guide you like your father and share everything like a friend. Be by her side forever. You will never regret having her around as you grow older. I wish you enough love for her and yourself.I wish you enough

  1. Be Grateful And Thankful to GOD for everything you have. Be it family, life, gifts, toys, school, friends, clothes, shoes, books or anything which you have. Not many have this privilege in their life. You are kind-hearted and a caring person and we have witnessed seeing you passing forward. Always be like that, in your time when you grow up world needs that more than this time. Spread these traits and influence the world around you. It is contagious so spread your wings and teach how happy it is when you thank GOD for everything and grateful for what you have. I wish you enough thoughts to understand this.I wish you enough

  2. Practice And Work Hard for everything you want to achieve in your life. Be it a little drawing, or sharpening a pencil and just tieing a shoelace. Practice makes one perfect. Do practice your skating or basketball happily and enjoy every moment you spend doing so. Start working hard, we know you already do but it takes time and patience to get perfection. Rome is not built in one day. There is no substitute for hard work. Your dad is the synonym of hard work. Learn from him, you will love it once you grow older and I am sure one day you will teach the same to your kids. We may not be around that time but if you possess this quality from your father we will be there invisibly in your life which you will always cherish. I wish you enough patience to practice them.I wish you enough

  3. Don’t lose hope or get frustrated when you are not able to put a ball in the basket. It shows that you are learning, and when you will do that means you learned. Life is like that, it will keep repeating itself until you learn your lesson from it. You are blessed that we are telling it to you at this early age. Mom Dad came to know this only after experiencing it. Life is not always to make mistakes and then learn. Sometimes you have to learn from others mistakes too. So always buck up yourself and be ready to challenge yourself and say yes “I Will Make It”. I wish you enough willingness.I wish you enough

  4. Be brave and smart, we know you are sensitive enough that sometimes you forget yourself in order to take care of others. But you need to take care of yourself in the first place. Be bold and brave enough for standing yourself. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad because you are caring and sensitive. Being a boy you have the “BEST” quality in a world. Be tough and always stand for yourself first. I wish you enough courage and mind.I wish you enough

  5. We know how you take care of your sister and love your cousins and friends. Remember doing everything right is not at all easy. But as you do it, continue it. With this trait, you will earn faith, belief, and empathy which will always make you stronger. I wish you enough rightfulness.I wish you enough

  6. I love how you started making decisions for yourself. It feels great to see you growing like this champ. Protect your feeling and don’t allow anyone to crush them. Not many have it in themselves and you need to protect what you have. As the famous quote from the pursuit of happiness “Don’t ever let somebody tell you… You can’t do something. Not even me. You got a dream… You gotta protect it. People can’t do somethin’ themselves, they wanna tell you you can’t do it.” I wish you enough courage and decision making.I wish you enough

  7. Start talking more to the people who love you. Your dadi, she is a very strong lady of her own terms. Though you do not see your mom talking to her much which you will understand when you grow older but your mom has learned many things from her. Speak to her daily. Abhilasha aunty and Ajeet uncle were there when you were just 3.5 years old. You grew up with them. They love you so much and understand you well enough. Among friends you grew with Pearl and made many beautiful memories which mumma and Nikhila aunty captured in clicks. You will cherish them forever. Anshika became your new friend and you enjoyed with her which we were witnessed. Sunisha aunty and mumma took a lot of clicks which is again a cherishable memory for you.

And finally, we want to see you growing in a person who is strong enough to live in this world. A very Happy Birthday my dear, we are blessed to have you in our lives and grateful to GOD.

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