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As soon as this name comes into picture my mouth start watering every time. I remember my old days 🙂 when I used to wait for winters. As soon as winter comes I used to go to market n buy red color carrots to make halwa and my mom used to order for extra 2kg milk. We never used condensed milk or khoya in this halwa. Its all boiled in milk simply and garnished with dry fruits. Thats how we had. When I moved to hostel I never got a chance to go home during winter season. So sometimes my mom used to come to delhi bringing “Gajer Halwa” in steel tiffin or sent thru speed courier. I used to be so happy that me n my roomie used to celebrate that day :). Wow remembering those days still makes me happy. Now I got married and hardly get chances to get food from mom’s hand. In bangalore we get orange color carrot so I make halwa with them and now I use condensed milk beacause milk packet cant give enough taste which comes from fresh milk :).

Anyways 🙂 memories are forever to cherish. Before one week only I made this halwa to celebrate my blog’s first anniversary :)). I completed one year to have this blog. Initially I dint think that I can continue it :). But now I have good blogger friends :)and enjoying this. Really I’m loving it :).

Ingredients: Serves 5-7

450 gm grated Red carrots
1 litre Milk
5 tbsp Ghee (optional)
100 gm Sugar (optional)
1/2 Tin condensed milk
1/2 cup Almonds chopped
1/4 cup Kishmish/raisins
1/2 cup Cashewnuts chopped
1 Fistful cheroli

Method: Boil milk in a pan. On the other hand grate carrots and then add to boiled milk. Cook this until almost dry. To this add half a tin condensed milk and mix well. Cook this until it is dry like before. Add all dry fruits and cook for another 2-3 min until it gets dry. Adjust sugar as per your taste. I don’t add sugar because condensed milk gives enough of sweet taste which suits me. You can add ghee as well but I avoid using it.

Stir it until halwa becomes dry. Serve hot with all dry fruits or as it is. I prefer to have it on room temperature. have this with ice-cream mmmmmmmmmmm wow u will love it :)).


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