This salad was given in a magazine. That was the time me and husband started eating salads. I find it very healthy, a mix of bell peppers & corn with vinigrette dressing.. mmmmmyummmmy. Do give it a try, very delicious.

corn pepper salad

Ingredients: Sufficient for three people

250 Gm boiled corn or canned corn
4 Tblsp yellow bell pepper chopped finely
4 Tblsp red bell pepper chopped finely
4 Tblsp green bell pepper chopped finely

Vinigrette Dressing
2 Tblsp vinegar
1 Tblsp lemon juice
1/2 Tsp sugar
Salt as per taste
Black pepper as per taste


corn pepper salad

Method: Mix well all ingredients for dressing and keep aside.
Mix all ingredients for salad in a mixing bowl and serve with vinigrette dressing.


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24 thoughts on “Corn Pepper Salad”

  1. This is what we had for dinner yday night, sounds cool right? I often make this at home as we prefer very light dinners and due to summers, the appetite has gone for a toss. Boiled corn is always in the fridge since I make salads often so use that extensively. Great post and loved the fresh clicks.

  2. Such a colorful salad!I am a fan of all the veggies that you have used!! And incidentally I have them all too! So I am going to make this for lunch tomorrow itself!

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