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After having my second kid I had put on a lot of weight. I was 80Kg at the end of my second pregnancy. Had done a lot work towards reducing it to 60 kg, did exercise, meal planning and included healthy food choices. I love eating cauliflower rice (will post soon), and saw cauliflower crust pizza in my fellow friends from fitness community. I have been planning to make it from a long time but problematic part was to make crust, binding agent should be needed. Have seen adding eggs which I was reluctant to do. I hate egg’s smell in baking goodies. Though I eat egg stuff from market but somehow when I bake them I get raw smell of egg which is so bad. To avoid it I planned to mix it with cheese slice which my son eats.

cauliflower crust pizza
Well I loved the experimental crust. Here I am with the steps to follow in order to make.
Ingredients Sufficient For Three
For Crust
1 Cauliflower Head
2 Tsp red chili flakes
Salt as per taste
4 Cheese slice or 1/3 Cup grated cheese
For Toppings
3 Tblsp red bell pepper
3 Tblsp yellow bell pepper
3 Tblsp green bell pepper
1/2 Cup sweet corn
1/2 Cup tomato
1/2 Cup onion
2 Tsp any seasoning you like
1/2 Cup cheese
3 Tblsp pizza sauce
phoolgobhi pizza
method: Clean the cauliflower florets and soak in turmeric water for half n hour. This is to be done in case it has worms. After that grate florets finely. Mix it with salt and keep it aside for 20 min. Doing so cauliflower water content will come out. Rinse the water as much as possible. Put the grated part in a towel or muslin cloth and rinse it. It should be really really dry.
Now take this rinsed grated cauliflower in a bowl, add chili flakes and cheese, mix well. Preheat oven at 220C. Spread this mixture on a parchment paper in a thin circle or your desired shape. I used rectangle shape. Bake it for 20 min at 220C.
Take it out and let it cool for few min. Now spread your pizza sauce and adjust your topping. Spread cheese over it and again bake it for 15 mins. Serve hot. Delicious, healthy and yummy pizza is ready to eat. It will soothe your taste buds to the heaven I must say.
Sending this to Blogging marathon #82.

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