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Today is the last day of the year 2017, i.e. 31 December 2017. A lot of things happened, so much learned, a lot of cooking, a bit more in spirituality, kids grown up another year and life became a bit easy with them. Visited many places with kids, long drive, dining in many new restaurants what a beautiful year it has been. To remember every associated event I am here with my 2017 roundup recipe collection.To remember every associated event I am here with my 2017 roundup recipe collection.I love these 10 recipes most so far in my two month's blogging. Let see my round-up for the year 2017.

This year I decided to start blogging which will be a great memory of 2017. After second baby I am having some memory loss problem which I really feel. Though doctor does not say much about it but I am really struggling these days. Things are a bit difficult for me to remember, to learn new things is a bit tough, grasping power very slowly. In spite of all, I am trying hard to stand up and buckle up myself with all new things coming on my way.

In 2018 I will buy my domain and make a beautiful web page. I will learn new software to make it better.I am looking forward to baking healthy cookies, cakes, bread, and brownie so that I can consume without any guilt.

I love these 10 recipes most so far in my two month’s blogging. Let see my round-up for the year 2017.

Kothimbir Vadi

Kothimbir Vadi again a Maharashtrian recipe. In the Marathi language “Kothimbir” or “Kothmir” stands for coriander leaves. And vadi means cutting shape like square, wedges or cubes. Green coriander blend with spices and gram flour. Steamed and then either have it as it is or deep fry them. Very light, healthy and low fat. Very easy to prepare. You can avoid deep frying part instead prepare to temper and spread over it before serving. Garnish with freshly grated coconut. 

Achari Dahi Bhindi – Tangy Ladyfinger/Okra

Bhindi/Ladyfinger/Okra has been my favourite veggie since childhood. I am crazy for this and keep looking for new ways to cook. With curd it gives you awesome taste

Pumpkin Soup | Kaddu Ka Soup – How to make pumpkin soup

I made this pumpkin soup yesterday specially for myself. Usually, I make it by adding bottle gourd but this time added tomato to get the different taste. I make it a bit watery, instead of thick soup. This is a great vegetable with loads of health benefits. It makes our heart healthy by lowering cholesterol, boost vision and contains fiber. It helps in weight- loss process too.

Tofu Palak | Tofu In Spinach Gravy

Making tofu is a process similar to making paneer, the only difference is that it is made using soy milk. Curdling soy milk and press it to take out all liquid resulting in tofu. It is having a lot of health benefits

Rasedar Aloo-Gobhi | Potato-Cauliflower Gravvy

Rasedar aloo gobhi is such a finger licking gravy that you cannot resist yourself. A simple way to cook but just a little trick which does wonders for its texture. Do check this out.

Bherwa Mirch Ka Pakora | Stuffed Chili Fritters

This snack is perfect for those who would like to indulge and love the hotness of chili. It is heavenly if teamed up with a hot cup of coffee/tea. This is also a famous roadside snack. I prepared Bherwa Mirch ka pakoda/stuffed chili fritters first time at home, but the outcome was totally awesome. This we get even when going to Lonavala side especially in rainy season. Stuffed potato filling with some aromatic spices, and covered in spicy besan mixture. This deep-fried bherwan mirch pakora is a great snack during a rainy day in monsoon.

Chana Dal Vada | Bengal Gram Fritter

Today I am documenting another street food from Bangalore i.e. chana dal vada. Roadside small shop owners make this ready with tea. This spicy lentil fritter is so mouthwatering and tempting. We can not stop treating us with just one plate. So without further delay let’s look at how I cooked.

Besan Sev | How to make Besan Sev

Besan sev is a blend of besan/gram flour and many spices, which are deeply fried to cook. They are crisp and savory in taste and a great tea time snack. This snack is made during Holi or Diwali, though you can cook throughout the year.

Methi Chi Bhaji – Yello Lentil WIth Fenugreek Leaves

Being from north India we never tasted methi/fenugreek with moong dal/yellow lentil in my native. One of my friend in my society told me about this. Since I am on spree of making one green veggie every day so I gave it a try. This Maharashtrian styled fenugreek/methi leaves sabzi is cooked along with yellow moong dal/yellow lentil. The dal/lentil gives a nice flavor to this sabzi. This recipe is known as methi chi bhaji in Marathi.

Moong dal tikki with chole

This chat is never failed recipe. Do try once and you will be tempted to make again n again.
Do check out this wonderful 10 best vegetarian recipe roundup collection from 2017.


Wish you all a very Happy New Year 2018 with loads of love and happiness. Looking forward to making more friends in the blogging world, more recipes to try. Linking this post to Srivalli Best of the new year2017 event.

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